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86Box v4.0.1

October 16, 2023 - written by richardg867

This is the October 2023 update to 86Box, bringing bugfixes over the original v4.0 release, as well as a few new features.

The work-in-progress build currently available to our Patreon supporters will be receiving a v4.0.1 update as well. This WIP build contains a new Local Switch feature for connecting 86Box machines locally or across a network in a plug-and-play, cross-platform way, without relying on PCap or VDE.

Important notes

ROM set update

Despite this being a minor bugfix release, the ROM set was also updated to reorganize the growing collection of Plug and Play Sound Blaster cards and fix an issue with the MSI MS-5119 machine. Remember to update the ROM set when updating 86Box, otherwise emulated machines using any of the aforementioned hardware will have it removed.

MSI MS-5119 BIOS update

After updating the ROM set, the MS-5119 BIOS update to fix PS/2 mouse issues is not applied automatically to existing emulated machines using that board. Apply it by deleting ms5119.bin from the machine’s nvr directory, then start the machine and check if the BIOS version displayed below the American Megatrends logo is A37EB instead of the previous A37E.

Tertiary and quaternary IDE

Due to a longstanding oversight, previous versions of 86Box had the tertiary and quaternary IDE controllers switch places, using the incorrect I/O port and IRQ resources for their respective channels. This swap has now been fixed; additionally, the tertiary channel provided by Plug and Play Sound Blaster cards is now a quaternary channel. If you use these additional IDE channels, make sure any drives connected to them are placed correctly after updating.



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