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86Box v4.0

August 26, 2023 - written by richardg867

This is the August 2023 update to 86Box, bringing many improvements, bugfixes (especially for non-Windows users) and some new hardware.

It’s certainly been a while since our last update. Needless to say, despite the bumpy ride to this release, we’re still alive and working on making 86Box great. We have some exciting new features currently being worked on for future updates, and from now on, we’ll be sharing work-in-progress builds of new features with our Patreon supporters, with no impact to our regular release schedule; the first WIP build is already available to supporters, so go check it out.

Main features


There have been many fixes to keyboard and mouse input. Mouse emulation was overhauled to massively improve responsiveness. The AT and PS/2 keyboard controller emulation was also reworked to hopefully eliminate the longstanding issue of keyboard and mouse input suddenly stopping, as well as other issues with PS/2 keyboards and mice on some machines.

Keyboard input on Linux and macOS hosts is now significantly improved, fixing issues with missing or mismatched keys particularly on international keyboards, as well as key holding. Absolute mouse input on X11 Linux hosts, which is used when running 86Box through a virtual machine or VNC, was also fixed.

ATI Mach8/32

The Mach8 and Mach32 were clones of the IBM 8514/A video accelerator which helped ATI gain market momentum in the early 1990s. 86Box now provides the first ever functional emulation of these cards. The Mach32 in particular was a popular card, available in five different bus variants (of which we currently emulate ISA, MCA, VLB and PCI) as well as integrated to many motherboards, and had wide operating system support.


VDE virtual networking is now supported for connecting 86Box machines and even other emulators to each other on Linux and macOS hosts. While Windows is notably not supported by VDE, we’re working on a solution, so stay tuned. The 86Box documentation has a full setup guide for creating a VDE network.

A nasty emulator crash when PCap fails to initialize was fixed, and the SLiRP library was updated to its full version on Windows and macOS hosts for potential performance improvements.



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Known issues