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86Box v3.5

May 23, 2022 - written by richardg867

This is the May 2022 update to 86Box, bringing bugfixes as well as the long-awaited native Apple Silicon support for macOS thanks to a very generous hardware contribution to our project. As always, you can download 86Box v3.5 from GitHub.

Enter Apple Silicon

As outlined in the v3.4 release post, we were initially only able to provide an Intel binary for macOS due to roadblocks preventing us from compiling 86Box for Apple Silicon on our existing Intel hardware. This changes today: the macOS version of 86Box v3.5 is now an universal binary, capable of running natively on both Intel and Apple Silicon, making proper use of the M1 chip family’s incredible performance and efficiency.

We would like to give massive thanks to Matt Nawrocki for providing an M1 Mac Mini for the project, and jriwanek for handling logistics and hosting. Native Apple Silicon builds would have been far from possible without their contributions; as we’ve stated in the previous post, acquiring or even just renting the required hardware would be a very costly endeavor for a project of our size.

Note that 86Box builds for macOS are not signed by Apple, since signing would bring in yet another expense (the Apple developer program). This unfortunately results in 86Box being targeted by macOS security features, but these can be worked around without compromising your system’s security:





Known issues